BigAnt Messenger

BigAnt Messenger 2.2

BigAnt IM offers you all functionality of a secure Enterprise Messaging system
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BigAnt Messenger offers you all functionality of a high-speed Enterprise Messaging system. Text chat, transfer file and folder, voice conference. Typically boosts communication and allows easy collaboration. The client machines are connecting via your own server and network;enjoy ultra high speed for file transfer.
Key features:
1. Particular designed for enterprise use. No matter the size of your company, small or large, local or world wide. No limit of online users. 10 users license for free!
2. Sending all sorts of messages or files even folders instantly to your office colleagues, breaking the distance barrier only with BigAnt or without the delays associated with email.
3. Get a receipt when the receiver opens the message using BigAnt unique technology for reliable message delivery.
4. Transfer files or folders without any limitation. Fast, easy and convenient. You have such innovative features as "Quick Send".
5. Chat online via text, voice conversation, builds fast and convenient personnel communication environment and it's secure for your business information.
6. Enjoy maximum security as BigAnt encrypts all data transmitted.
7. Ease of use, make BigAnt popular with staff.
8. A powerful client-server easy for maintenance while keeping the setup and other options to an absolute minimum,requiring minimum intervention from an IT staff.

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